Learn to become a scale-up within Europe's Life Science and Health industry

                                      ***Upcoming event***

4th Entrepreneurial lab will take place in Sweden!

topic: Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Save the date – September 30 & October 1, 2019

Karolinska Institutet in partnership with Growth Erasmus+ invite you to register your interest in a two-day masterclass in Growing a Life Sciences Company. The topic will be ‘Entrepreneurial mindset’. In this lab you will learn all about leadership development while scaling up, and branding and communication.

The masterclass will take place in Stockholm on September 30 & October 1, 2019.

A full agenda and details will follow shortly.
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The reason behind GROWTH

There is a need for well-equipped entrepreneurs because the Life Science and Health sector is confronted with a structural shortage of entrepreneurial experts. As a result, many start-ups in the field are having difficulty outgrowing the start-up phase to become gazelles. The root of this problem is the current entrepreneurial education system, which has three crucial flaws.

1 The current educational system is not designed to provide Life Science and Health experts with entrepreneurial skills and competences for growth. There are many programmes for establishing start-up companies, but there are only few programmes that really support the development of innovation and entrepreneurial business skills necessary to raise fast growing scale-ups.

Research has shown that the level of application (learning on the job) is very low (European Commission, March 2012), whereas real-life examples and experiences are seen as essential learning elements for students (ECOTEC / European Commission, March 2010)

3 The strong local ecosystem of start-up entrepreneurs is not sufficient to realize high growth. A large network is required in order to have access to investors, role models and markets. The local ecosystem should be replaced by European collaborations.

What the Growth project offers

GROWTH is an innovative educational project for entrepreneurs which focuses on the development of knowledge and skills for growth. It offers:

  • Interactive action-oriented teaching and learning about entrepreneurial growth to entrepreneurs. The teaching will consist of four educational building blocks (combining online and face-to-face learning): online modules (SPOCs), entrepreneurial labs, simulation games and mix & match events.
  • An entrepreneurial mind-set and skills for entrepreneurs in the field of Life Science and Health, by cooperating with enterprises and offering practical application of skills.
  • A network to exchange knowledge between higher education, enterprises and government. In the longer term, the aim is to integrate the learning results in entrepreneurial education in other sectors.