The GROWTH project serves as an incentive for innovative, transnational education for high growth start-ups.

Short term

The aim is to develop an affordable, effective and transferable EU educational programme, that will serve a large number of high growth startups in Europe in the short term.

Long term

The aim is to integrate the learning results in entrepreneurial education in other sectors, as well as in the regular bachelor, master and post-graduate curricula to deliver better equipped young entrepreneurs in Europe. This is of the utmost importance for the competitive position of Europe.

Horizon 2020

GROWTH underlines the educational questions in Horizon2020, focusing on the educational development of the innovation and entrepreneurial competences needed to translate excellent R&D university-industry collaboration into high growth. Most of the Horizon2020 programmes have a valorisation component, but there is no sufficient connection to the development of university-business co-creation and entrepreneurial skills. This project fills this gap.