Why attend this course?

The 2 day Masterclass in Growing a Life Sciences Company is an interactive course focused on taking a start-up to the next stage and successful funding. We will explore the do’s and the don’ts, drawing on a combination of real-life, personal experience and your own case studies. Over the two days, working in teams, you will learn why you should rebuild your business model, redefine your marketing strategy and prepare to pitch your new model to investors. The course is ideal for executive officers of medtech/biotech start-ups that have already received seed or early-round funding and wish to grow.

Co-hosted by UCL and Congenica
In partnership with Growth (Erasmus+)

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What you will learn in 2 days

  • Review your business model Set short and long terms business goals
  • Understand the importance of intellectual property and how to protect it
  • Learn what your business needs to grow
  • Learn about routes to exploitation and licensing strategy
  • Find your market opportunities?
  • Redefine your operational strategy and organisational structure
  • Learn how to align scientific, operational and commercial objectives efficiently
  • Master people management skills
  • Team building versus outsourcing
  • Look at the role of a leader in a med/biotech company
  • Discover the difference and values of mentoring and coaching
  • Discover what is required for and when to pitch to investors

Programme and registration

For further information and details of this course please contact:

Loraine Daly, UCL Project Coordinator: loraine.daly@ucl.ac.uk

For future courses and information on the GROWTH ERASMUS + project, please contact the Management Team:

Madelon Bracke, Project Manager: M.S.G.Bracke@umcutrecht.nl
Merel-Marlijn Sondervan, Coordinator: M.Sondervan@umcutrecht.nl

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